Event Details:

Event Date: 4th Feb, Saturday 2017
Program fe: INR 1000
Time: 11am - 1pm
Address: #2, Urvashi Building, Behind HSBC Bank, Juhu 10th Road, JVPD, Juhu, Mumbai-49

Event Description:

Sitting for long hours, especially in a bad posture, can be more dangerous than smoking. Long hours of poor posture not only puts an increased amount of strain on our backs and necks, but it also deceases and capacity of our lungs to breathe!

SPARC brings to you ‘POSTURE POLICE’, a seminar to help you learn how to sit, look and feel better.

What exactly is an ideal sitting posture? Is it simply sitting up straight? Where does the head go? How do you position your shoulders? How can you maintain an ideal posture during a hectic day at work with minimal input?

All these questions answered and many more!

Do yourself a big favour and learn how to optimise your sitting posture!

Bad posture isn’t always your fault, but not doing anything about it is!!






  • How would I benefit from the posture workshop?
    Various studies claim that sitting is as bad for health as smoking. This Seminar will teach you how to sit better during your work, without having to make much extra effort.
  • Why is sitting posture important?
    Low back pain & neck/shoulder pain is one of the biggest health problems faced by today’s generation. Sitting posture correction can not only help relieve these pains; but also help you Feel/look better
  • Why attend the posture seminar with Dr.AanchalSaraf?
    Dr.AanchalSaraf is trained at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh & is a well known posture specialist. She is very passionate about her work & believes that musculoskeletal injuries/pains can be avoided by posture correction.

Account Details:

Axis Bank Account Number: 915010030639090
Juhu, Mumbai Branch
Account Name: AanchalSaraf
IFSC Code: utib0001623